19 Nov 2022

Lynley Hargreaves: the stories of New Zealand's Glaciers

From Saturday Morning, 10:05 am on 19 November 2022

From her base in the town of Ross on the South Island’s West Coast, science writer Lynley Hargreaves is in prime position to observe and contemplate changes to the country’s glaciers. 

It’s the  topic of her new book Vanishing Ice, which explores how glaciers work and charts human interaction with them, from the first Māori discoverers and colonial explorers, to mountaineers and modern glaciologists. 

The book also examines how Aotearoa’s glaciers continue to cast light on the workings of Earth’s climate system - such as the pivotal role the sunken continent of Zealandia may have played in our emergence from the last ice age.

Author Lynley Hargreaves and the cover of her new book Vanishing Ice

Photo: Supplied