1 Oct 2022

Dr Amir Khalil and the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’

From Saturday Morning, 8:00 am on 1 October 2022
Dr Amir Khalil, aka the war vet

Dr Amir Khalil, aka the war vet Photo: Supplied

Egyptian veterinarian Amir Khalil is widely known as ‘the war vet’, having spent years rescuing animals from disaster areas and war zones. 
Dr Khalil was instrumental in rescuing the “world’s loneliest elephant” in 2020.  Kaavan the Asian elephant was gifted to the government of Pakistan in 1985, and eventually ended up at an Islamabad zoo, where he spent nearly 10 years alone and grieving following the death of his mate.

When reunited with Dr Khalil in August, two years after the rescue, Kaavan raised his trunk and welcomed him as a friend.
Dr Khalil is the director of project development at the animal welfare organisation Four Paws. Recently he and his team have supported in Ukraine with deliveries of food for zoo animals and companion animals, and they also have plans to rescue to lions from Sudan.