18 Dec 2021

Kath Irvine: succession planting and summer mulching

From Saturday Morning, 9:43 am on 18 December 2021

Organic gardener Kath Irvine returns to share some tips around gardening this summer and to answer your questions. This week her topics include maximising your garden space with succession planting - tucking new seeds beneath established or finishing crops - and mulching. 

As the weather heats up, early summer is a great time to mulch - getting soil covered to hold moisture and make a happy home for soil life. 

Irvine runs workshops from her permaculture home garden in Ōhau, in the Horowhenua. Her practical guide to growing organic fruit and vegetables, The Edible Backyard was published this year.

Email us with your questions for Kath at saturday@rnz.co.nz or text 2101.

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Photo: Supplied / Catherine Cattanach