6 Nov 2021

Danyl McLauchlan: Is Ardern an Elene Ferrante character?

From Saturday Morning, 9:40 am on 6 November 2021
Danyl Mclauchlan

Danyl Mclauchlan Photo: supplied

Writer Danyl McLauchlan returns to tackle life's big questions, ideas and thinkers. This week: in the 2010s readers devoured the four-book series known as the Neapolitan Novels, written under the pseudonym Elene Ferrante. The books are deeply political, and Danyl McLauchlan has been reading them and pondering our own politics — wondering whether Ferrante’s novels explain it all. 

Ferrante portrays a political left that appears radical in its views but conservative in its action, revealing a hypocrisy in the actions of what have been dubbed the 'professional managerial class'. Might our slowness to act on everything from the housing crisis to climate change be a condition of our culture? 

McLauchlan writes on this in an essay on The Spinoff.