Make It 16: advocating for lower voting age in Aotearoa

From Saturday Morning, 8:35 am on 24 July 2021

Next month, a group of young activists will be in the Court of Appeal arguing that the current voting age is discriminatory under the Bill of Rights. The case by Make It 16 against the crown failed in the High Court last year, but the group can point to countries like Austria and Scotland, where the minimum voting age has been lowered. In New Zealand the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1974. 
Make It 16 members Ella Flavell and Lily Lewis, are both at Victoria University of Wellington after becoming active in politics at high school. Flavell is Deputy Chair of the Wellington Youth Council, and Lewis was Wairarapa Youth MP at the 2019 Youth Parliament. They join the show to discuss the campaign.