17 Jul 2021

Waihoroi Shortland: the 'accidental actor' cast in Te Pō

From Saturday Morning, 10:10 am on 17 July 2021

Te Pō is an award-winning production that tells the story of a policeman, a blind man, and a priest searching for missing New Zealand playwright, Bruce Mason. Written by Carl Bland, this iteration stars broadcaster, writer, and self-described accidental actor Waihoroi Shortland.

Waihoroi (Ngāti Hine) has had a long and varied career. He worked as a reporter for Te Karere, he was a cultural consultant on Jane Campion's The Piano, and worked in the Māori Land Court. As an actor he's starred in Rain of the Children and Boy, as well as New Zealand's first ever film entirely in te reo - The Māori Merchant of Venice.

Te Pō is at Auckland’s Bruce Mason Centre on 30 and 31 July. 

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