8 May 2021

Danny Elfman: Film score maestro releases solo album

From Saturday Morning, 11:05 am on 8 May 2021

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Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman Photo: supplied / Silvia Grav

Danny Elfman is best known for writing the theme tune for The Simpsons, but as a film composer he's had a stellar career – four Oscar nominations and collaborations with directors Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and Ang Lee.

Beginning with his first score on Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Elfman has scored over 100 films, including: Milk, Good Will Hunting, Big Fish, Men in Black, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Justice League, and Spiderman.

He's due to release Big Mess, his first solo album in 30 years, on June 11.