7 Nov 2020

Remaining erratic: Martin Edmond's Red Mole theatre days

From Saturday Morning, 11:08 am on 7 November 2020
Martin Edmond

Martin Edmond Photo: supplied

Born from a chance encounter in a Laotian opium den in 1973, Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwell's avant-garde troupe Red Mole exemplified political, provocative, creative and chaotic theatre.

Their performances mixed theatre, song, dance, satire and (sometimes) huge puppets, and were built on a core manifesto of five principles which included 'escape programmed behaviour by remaining erratic'.

Born in Ohakune and now living in Sydney, Martin Edmond was an actor, writer and later lighting technician in the group.

In his new book Bus Stops to the Moon: Red Mole Days 1974-1980, he shares an intimate history of the group's highs and lows.