3 Oct 2020

Virologist Dr Chris Smith: Covid-19 latest, and your questions

From Saturday Morning, 8:20 am on 3 October 2020
View of a Coronavirus Covid-19 background - 3d rendering

Photo: 123rf.com

According to data from the John Hopkins University the global death toll from Covid-19 has passed 1 million.

Cases have spiked again in the United Kingdom, causing the Government to introduce new restrictions. These include it being illegal to meet in pubs in some areas, and a 15-person limit on weddings.

Work towards a vaccine continues, but one report warns vaccination alone won't defeat the spread of the virus.

And, one study claims people genetically linked to Neanderthals could be at high risk of developing severe Covid-19 symptoms.

To discuss the latest developments and answer your questions, Cambridge University consultant clinical virologist Chris Smith returns to the show.