18 Jul 2020

Justin Kurzel:True History of the Kelly Gang

From Saturday Morning, 10:35 am on 18 July 2020

Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer Ned Kelly is both a man and a myth.

From Sir Sydney Nolan's epic paintings to Peter Carey's 2001 Booker Prize-winning novel, Kelly's life has been thoroughly written and rewritten since his final shootout with the police in 1880.

Carey's book is source material for Australian film maker Justin Kurzel's new film True History of The Kelly Gang  which is screening as part of Whānau Marama: New Zealand International Film Festival.

He casts his wife, the actor Essie Davis, as Ned's mother Ellen in the film, and younger brother Jed contributes the music.

The film follows Kurzel's short Blue Tongue (2004), his controversial debut feature Snowtown (2011), a film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth (2015), and a 2016 film based on the video game franchise Assassin's Creed.