27 Jun 2020

Roger Michel: Waka versus Anglo-Saxon longboat

From Saturday Morning, 11:05 am on 27 June 2020

The Institute for Digital Archaeology aims to use modern technology to preserve and in some cases rebuild ancient objects so more people can enjoy them.

After recreating a 6 metre tall marble replica of the Palmyra Arch (destroyed by ISIS in Syria in 2015), it's now in the process of rebuilding a 1,400-year-old Anglo-Saxon burial ship discovered at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1939.

Plans are afoot to bring this replica boat over to New Zealand in time for next year's America's Cup, where it could be displayed alongside a waka in order to compare and contrast their structures and the shipbuilding methods used.

Roger Michel is the founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Digital Archaeology and is overseeing the shipbuilding project.