20 Jun 2020

Human Hand: Fiona Amundsen and Tim Corballis

From Saturday Morning, 11:40 am on 20 June 2020

Everyone’s had a recent experience of living in a confined space for a prolonged period. Now artist Fiona Amundsen and writer Tim Corballis collaborate on a new exhibition exploring three communities in Arizona that are all in some sense separated from the mainstream.

Featuring film, photos and interviews, the exhibition features Arcosanti (an alternative 1970s micro-city), Biosphere 2 (a closed ecosystem built to test if humans could live in outer space) and the Titan Missile Museum (where Titan 2 missile workers lived together underground during the Cold War). 

‘Human Hand’ is a free exhibition on now at The Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt that runs until the 11th October.