16 May 2020

Peter Warner: 'Lord of The Flies' rescuer

From Saturday Morning, 11:45 am on 16 May 2020
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Peter Warner is part of an extraordinary story that made global headlines over the past week, despite it being decades old.

It's the tale of a real life 'Lord of the Flies' scenario, six Tongan boys who were marooned on a desert island and rescued 15 months later.

In 1966 Peter Warner was the captain of a fishing boat that sailed past the island, called 'Ata, and found the teenagers there.

Students at a Catholic boarding school in Nuku'alofa, the boys had stolen a boat, and set sail for Fiji, only to be put off course by a storm, eventually washing ashore at 'Ata.

Peter Warner describes his role in the story, and the enduring friendships that came of it.

His autobiographical book Ocean of Light includes the story of the rescue.