2 May 2020

Climate scientist Andrea Dutton

From Saturday Morning, 11:05 am on 2 May 2020

Climate scientist Professor Andrea Dutton has already been tipped by Rolling Stone as being a name to watch in her chosen field.

She forged her reputation at The University of Florida, in a state with a ringside seat to future sea level rise.

Now a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she’s over in New Zealand on a Fulbright and is marooned here for the foreseeable future (until July at least when she may or may not be able to fly home).

We'll talk about the pandemic and how she thinks it will affect the big issues of sea level rise and climate change she's involved with.

So is this whole experience going to give fresh impetus to scientific research and activism? Will it change our behaviour and the way we work, travel and consume? Or will it all be back to business as usual as soon as lockdowns are lifted?

Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch on the morning of 26 March, on the first day of the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown.

Photo: RNZ / Nate McKinnon