15 Feb 2020

Heart surgeon Samer Nashef: The Angina Monologues

From Saturday Morning, 9:10 am on 15 February 2020

UK heart surgeon Samer Nashef is a world-leading expert on risk and quality in surgical care.

He's authored two memoirs about life inside the operating theatre: The Naked Surgeon and most recently The Angina Monologues.

In The Angina Monologues he examines salt (not to be feared he says), statins, the hidden risks of heart surgery, and why it's best to find a surgeon who's just returned from a holiday.

He also finds time to compile cryptic crosswords for The Guardian and the Financial Times. 

Samer Nashef is coming to New Zealand for a live event as part of the New Zealand Festival of The Arts. Details here

He's also delivers a talk called 'The naked surgeon: power and peril of transparency' on Tuesday 10th March at a conference called Why is it so hard to be open? The pitfalls and promise of transparency in health care organised by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. Details here.

Samer Nashef

Samer Nashef Photo: supplied / scribe