17 Aug 2019

Fighting the billion dollar problem posed by ransomware

From Saturday Morning, 9:46 am on 17 August 2019
Fabian Wosar avatar (Twitter)

Fabian Wosar avatar (Twitter) Photo: Supplied

Fabian Wosar of NZ business Emsisoft is a ransomware expert, helping schools, charities, businesses and individuals deal with this multi billion dollar problem.

A malicious code is introduced onto your computer when you click on a dodgy email or open a suspicious attachment. It infiltrates your system then next thing you know you're being contacted with threats to delete or encrypt your data like photos, images, music and documents, unless you pay a ransom to the person responsible.

Fabian Wosar had to leave Germany to go and live in England for his own safety as he feared being the target of the Eastern European criminal gangs who are heavily implicated in the global ransomware business.