10 Aug 2019

Michel Tuffery - Elevating the unsung hero of Cook's Endeavour

From Saturday Morning, 10:30 am on 10 August 2019

Artist Michel Tuffery has been part of efforts to broaden and refocus narratives around Captain Cook's arrival in Aotearoa 250 years ago, including giving proper credit to his Tahitian navigator and translator Tupaia.

Historian Dame Anne Salmond has said that Tupaia played such a pivotal role on Cook's first journey to the South Pacific that "he was more important than Cook" to the success of the voyage.

Tuffery, who is of Samoan, Rarotongan and Ma'ohi Tahitian heritage, and is acknowledged as one of New Zealand's leading contemporary artists, worked with director Lala Rolls to tell the story of Tupaia in an award winning 2017 TV series.

He is revisiting Tupaia's Endeavour as part of his contribution to Pātaka's exhibition Here: From Kupe to Cook which opens in Porirua  on 11 August.