15 Jun 2019

Ronnie van Hout - Artist behind new Auckland public art

From Saturday Morning, 9:45 am on 15 June 2019
Ronnie van Hout

Ronnie van Hout Photo: The Arts Foundation

This week, a work of public art called Boy Walking has taken its place in Potters Park in the suburb of Mt Eden in Auckland.  

It was made by New Zealand-born, internationally-acclaimed artist Ronnie van Hout, and depicts a 5.6 metre tall child.

Now based in Australia, van Hout lived in the Mt Eden area near where the statue is situated in his late twenties and early thirties, and remembers children playing in Potters Park.

Boy Walking will join the city's smallest work of public art by John Radford called The Sound of Rain, a tiny house with a whimsical crooked chimney in the north-west corner, a playground and an apple grove - also in Potters Park. Boy Walking is funded by Auckland Council's regional public art capital programme. 

Boy Walking

Boy Walking Photo: Supplied / Auckland Council