8 Jun 2019

Dr Graeme Downs and Victoria Kelly

From Saturday Morning, 11:25 am on 8 June 2019

On Tuesday June 11th, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra will be joined at the Civic Theatre in Auckland by Nadia Reid, Liam Finn and Anna Coddington for NZ Mix Tape.

The event will see an orchestral performance of some of New Zealand's most iconic songs, including those by Bic Runga, Prince Tui Teka, Dave Dobbyn and Lorde.

Noelle talked to Dr Graeme Downes, the brains behind The Verlaines, about his arrangement of some of the music for the night including She Speeds and Pink Frost by The Chills. She'll also talk to one of the country's most in-demand contemporary composers, Victoria Kelly who arranged Crowded House’s Four Seasons in One Day for the night.

Victoria Kelly and Graeme Downes

Victoria Kelly and Graeme Downes Photo: Composite/Supplied