11 May 2019

Cliff Curtis - How Merata Mita decolonised the screen

From Saturday Morning, 11:04 am on 11 May 2019
Hepi Mita as a child with his mum Merata Mita

Hepi Mita as a child with his mum Merata Mita Photo: Supplied

Cliff Curtis.

Cliff Curtis. Photo: AFP

Cliff Curtis is one of New Zealand's most well known actors. His successes include Once Were Warriors and Whale Rider and he has also had roles in international films including Last Knights and Avatar and in television series, including a lead role in Fear of the Walking Dead for American channel AMC.

Curtis is the executive producer of a new movie called MERATA: How Mum Decolonised the Screen, about the life and legacy of filmmaker Merata Mita, by her son Hepi Mita.

Curtis was a protégé of Merata's and prompted Hepi to undertake the documentary - and he also financed the project.

 MERATA: How Mum Decolonised the Screen is launching nationwide on Mother's Day, May 12th.