16 Feb 2019

Michael Fuhrer - The Future of Computing

From Saturday Morning, 9:07 am on 16 February 2019
Michael Fuhrer

Michael Fuhrer Photo: supplied

Professor Michael Fuhrer is an ARC (Australian Research Council) Laureate Fellow in the School of Physics at Monash University. He directs the ARC Centre of Excellence for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) and co-directs the Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials. Prior to coming to Monash, Fuhrer directed the Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials at the University of Maryland. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Physical Society.  His research explores novel two-dimensional materials such as graphene. Fuhrer has been in New Zealand as a plenary speaker at the The MacDiarmid Instutute's AMN19 conference.