24 Nov 2018

Elizabeth Denham - Fighting data crime

From Saturday Morning, 10:35 am on 24 November 2018

10.35 Elizabeth Denham - Fighting data crime

Elizabeth Denham

Elizabeth Denham Photo: Jon Super

Elizabeth Denham is the UK Information Commissioner and led the raid on Cambridge Analytica in March this year. She gained a warrant to search the London-based data analytics company's records over allegations it illegally acquired the information of millions of Facebook users and used it to profile and target voters during political campaigns. Last month the ICO levied the maximum possible fine against Facebook for its failure to protect users' personal information in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. She is also pursuing a criminal prosecution of SCL Elections Ltd, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica. Denham was appointed UK Information Commissioner in July 2016, having previously held the position of Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada. She is coming to Aotearoa for the International Privacy Forum on December 4, organised by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


ICO raids Cambridge Analytica

ICO raids Cambridge Analytica Photo: The London Post