17 Nov 2018

Steve Braunias - The best of The Friday Poem

From Saturday Morning, 11:40 am on 17 November 2018

11.40 Steve Braunias - The best of The Friday Poem 

Steve Braunias

Steve Braunias Photo: Steve Braunias

Steve Braunias is an author, journalist, critic and publisher. He has served as the poetry editor for The Spinoff for four years, and is about to step aside from that role. Before doing so, he has published The Friday Poem, a collection of 100 poems by 61 poets - "some dead, some nearly dead, a number of complete nobodies, a number of well-known authors, and Colin Craig". Braunias says the collection reflects a revolution in new local poetry, led mainly by young women - including the likes of Hera Lindsay Bird and Tayi Tibble.