3 Nov 2018

Peter Conradi - The King's War

From Saturday Morning, 9:08 am on 3 November 2018
Peter Conradi

Peter Conradi Photo: supplied

King George the VI

King George the VI Photo: Wikicommons

Peter Conradi is a British author and the Europe editor for the Sunday Times of London. He was co-author, with Mark Logue, of The King's Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy, which told the story of the friendship between King George VI and his Australian speech therapist, Mark's grandfather, Lionel Logue. A new story, called The King's War, also written by Logue and Conradi, chronicles what Lionel Logue saw and heard at the King's side during the Second World War as one of his confidants and advisers. Conradi has also written a host of other books including Hitler's Piano Player and The Red Ripper: Inside the Mind of Russia's Most Brutal Serial Killer.