Dr Michio Kaku - theoretical physicist

From Saturday Morning, 9:08 am on 1 September 2018

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, and the co-creator of string field theory, a branch of string theory. His academic work looks to continue Einstein's search for a "Theory of Everything," seeking to unify the four fundamental forces of the universe - the strong force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism. He's had more than 70 articles published in physics journals, covering topics such as superstring theory, supergravity, supersymmetry, and hadronic physics, and has parlayed academia into a career as a science and futurism speaker, and author of books for a mass audience. His latest book, The Future of Humanity, contemplates the destiny of humans as they reach beyond planet Earth. Dr Michio Kaku will be holding three talks in New Zealand in late October and early November.