11 Aug 2018

Linda Burgess - 1970s WAGS take on the All Blacks

From Saturday Morning, 11:40 am on 11 August 2018

This week Linda Burgess' funny and insightful column in The Spinoff caught Noelle's eye. In it, Burgess describes her experience as a WAG in the 1970s when her husband, Bob Burgess, was an All Black. She organised the first Wives And Girlfriends trip to the UK alongside the ABs on tour, earning herself a lot of flak from some players and, she says, disapproval from "some of the wives, especially those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome". Linda Burgess talks to Noelle about what happened in the 1970s when the women broke down the "what happens on tour, stays on tour" barrier. Burgess is a short story writer, script and television writer, novelist and reviewer. She reviews television on RNZ's Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan.