5 May 2018

David Klein - Plant Man

From Saturday Morning, 9:43 am on 5 May 2018

David Klein is a science communicator based in Wellington. Last summer he cycled around the country presenting Tour de Science - a show that explained how all the big things in the universe are made of lots of little things. It was performed in more than 50 towns and cities to rave reviews. More recently Klein has been thinking about what it would like to be a plant - making food from sunlight, dealing with all those bugs, the strong connection to the ground, and time passing really slowly. Plants, he says, aren't brainy but they are clever and successful. Klein combines his love of science with his love of storytelling in his new children's show, Plant Man, which he is performing at the Hutt Stemm Festival - celebrating the multi-million dollar science and innovation industries in Lower Hutt - on May 6.