3 Feb 2018

Tim Atkins - Mission to Mars

From Saturday Morning, 8:10 am on 3 February 2018

NASA is on a mission to land people on Mars and is building the world's most powerful rocket to get to the red planet. The rocket, called the Space Launch System (SLS) will produce more thrust at lift-off than anything before it. Building and testing the rocket is already under way and NASA engineer Tim Atkins is at the heart of the work. Atkins holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Central Florida, with decades of experience in software development, electronics integration, and rocket science. He is in Christchurch for the first UC Connect public lecture of 2018: 'Getting to Mars: Building the World's Most Powerful Rocket', 7pm - 8pm, Thursday 8 February, at the Engineering Core, Creyke Road, Ilam campus, University of Canterbury. Register to attend free at: www.canterbury.ac.nz/ucconnect. He'll also be speaking at MOTAT on February 12th, details here: http://www.motat.org.nz/experience/events/nasa-presentation-at-motat/.