9 Dec 2017

Michael Keegan-Dolan - Reinventing Swan Lake

From Saturday Morning, 10:30 am on 9 December 2017

It's Swan Lake - but not as you know it. Irish director Michael Keegan-Dolan has taken a fresh look at the storyline, swapped Tchaikovsky's original score for Irish folk music, added a dash of Nordic noir, and set it all in the midlands of Ireland. His show, Swan Lake / Loch Na heala, draws on ancient myths and weaves them with the contemporary world for a show that features love, betrayal, transformation, priestly abuse, corruption, mental illness, and violence. But Keegan-Dolan is promising an ending which he says "is really, really beautiful". Swan Lake / Loch Na heala will be performed in Wellington in March next year as part of the NZ Festival.