7 Oct 2017

Dr Homie Razavi - Eliminating Hepatitis C

From Saturday Morning, 9:08 am on 7 October 2017

Dr Homie Razavi is the managing director at the Center for Disease Analysis (CDA) and the CDA Foundation and leads the Polaris Observatory, which provides up-to-date estimates for how best to fight Hep C, B and D around the world. He is also founder of the Global Procurement Fund (GPRO), which provides affordable quality treatment and diagnostics to low and middle-income countries. Razavi is here as a guest of the Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand to speak to various health and governmental groups about fighting Hepatitis, and how we will meet the WHO goal to eradicate Hepatitis C - a disease afflicting an estimated 50,000 New Zealanders - by 2030.