Daniel Dor - Academic and activist

From Saturday Morning, 9:36 am on 16 September 2017

Dr Daniel Dor is the author of The Instruction of Imagination: Language as a Social Communication Technology (2015) which has challenged established ideas about the evolution and utility of language, and he's written extensively on linguistics while touring the world to share his theories. Dor is also an activist who has frequently criticised the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. He is former chair of the Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel, author of two books (one award-winning) on Israeli propaganda and, with his wife Lia Nirgad, set up an NGO to monitor the activities of the Knesset vis-a-vis Palestine. Dor is visiting New Zealand to give this year's Hood Lecture at the University of Auckland on September 18, entitled Speaking across the gap: Language as a communication technology.