12 Aug 2017

John Safran - Depends what you mean by extremist

From Saturday Morning, 11:04 am on 12 August 2017

John Safran is an award-winning documentary-maker of provocative takes on race, the media, religion and other issues. Safran first hit TV screens in 1997 on Race Around the World (ABC-TV). Both John Safran's Music Jamboree (SBS, 2002) and John Safran vs. God (SBS, 2004) won Australian Film Industry awards for Best Comedy Series and Most Original Concept, and were also nominated for Logie Awards. Safran's latest book, Depends What You Mean by Extremist, sees him embed himself in the world of Australia's diverse community of white nationalists, ISIS supporters, anarchists and more. Safran will be in New Zealand and discussing his book as part of Shifting Points of View, a series of events staged jointly by WORD Christchurch and the Christchurch Arts Festival.