12 Aug 2017

Robert Buratti - Occulture: The Dark Arts

From Saturday Morning, 9:35 am on 12 August 2017

Robert Buratti is an artist and art curator chiefly concerned with the role of the spiritual within contemporary art. He is influenced by the approach and experimentation of artists such as James Gleeson, Andre Breton, Aleister Crowley, Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso. Buratti is the curator of the exhibitions Aleister Crowley: The Nightmare Paintings (2011) and Windows to the Sacred (2012) and is the owner of two fine art galleries in Western Australia. He's been awarded a number of international residencies and prizes for his own artwork across Australia, China and the USA. Buratti is in New Zealand to speak at the August 12 opening of a new exhibition exploring the age-old relationship between art and the occult called Occulture: The Dark Arts at City Gallery Wellington.