22 Jul 2017

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy - Kauri and McCahon

From Saturday Morning, 10:30 am on 22 July 2017

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy is a New Zealand born and based artist, and an MFA graduate of the Elam School of Fine Arts, 2012. Smuts-Kennedy's biodynamic, permaculture teaching garden, 45 minutes north of Auckland, functions as a central axis for her research. She was the McCahon House Artist in Residence September - December in 2016, where she undertook a project called Awake, aiming to heal the McCahon Kauri - which were a great inspiration to the artist in the 1950s - of Kauri dieback. She'll talk to Kim about the McCahon Kauri - some of the seedlings of which will be on sale at an event at the Titirangi War Memorial Hall on August 6th - biodynamic gardening, as well as her For the Love of Bees project, which aims to make Auckland the safest city in the world for bees to live.