18 Feb 2017

Tanu Gago: Decolonisation and Queer Activism

From Saturday Morning, 8:38 am on 18 February 2017
Tanu Gago

Tanu Gago Photo: supplied

Tanu Gago is a visual artist and award winning photographer of Samoan heritage. Born in Samoa and raised in Mangere, Gago works as a new media artist with a portfolio of work that includes, staged portraiture, moving image and film. Ahead of major events planned as part of Auckland's Pride festival, including the FEMSLICK Vogue Ball and Make Space: The Visibility Project, Tanu talks to Kim about the Pacific LGBT Arts Collective entitled FAFSWAG, of which he is the co-founder and creative director. The work achieved by this collective of artist spans over 5 years of producing art, activation, activism and visibility. Tanu also works as the Pacific Community Engagement Coordinator for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and is a founding board member of the Love Life Fono Trust established in 2016 to generate community spaces, partnerships and support for Pasifika LGBTQ communities.