17 Dec 2016

Soprano and scientist Cassandra Extavour

From Saturday Morning, 9:15 am on 17 December 2016

“When I have something in front of me, I don’t think about whether or not I want to do it, I think about whether it needs to be done. If I decide it needs to be done, then I do it until it’s finished. And the thought of ‘Do I feel like doing this?’ or ‘Am I enjoying this?’ is secondary or tertiary to ‘Have I decided that this needs to get done?’" – Cassandra Extavour.

Cassandra Extavour

Cassandra Extavour Photo: Supplied

Cassandra Extavour is Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, one of the few women to hold a tenured position there.

But it isn't science which brings her to New Zealand this time – it's singing.

The multitalented Canadian is soprano in the Auckland Choral's performance of Handel’s Messiah next week.

Cassandra Extavour on Upbeat (15 December 2016)