15 Oct 2016

Mary Daish: changing kitchens

From Saturday Morning, 9:45 am on 15 October 2016
Mary Daish

Mary Daish. Photo: supplied

The 'Daish' name is big in the New Zealand cooking world. Architect Mary Daish specialises in kitchen deisgn and her mother Lois Daish is a cook and food writer.

The two recently discussed the social issues expressed in our cooking and dining habits in a talk called Who’s the Butler? at City Gallery Wellington.

What place does the butler’s pantry have in a modern New Zealand kitchen? Given that few of us have domestic staff these days is it a snobby affectation?

What of the scullery? Does that have a place in modern life with such a dearth of scullery maids to work in them?

And the ubiquitous island bench, is it a case of fashion over practicality?

Mary tells Kim Hill she has little time for such faddishness.

Mary also shared Lois Daish's recipes for rhubarb and strawberry cake and meatloaf pie.