3 Sep 2016

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray: rowing for gold

From Saturday Morning, 10:07 am on 3 September 2016
 Hamish Bond and Eric Murray

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray. Photo: Lottie Hedley

Since Hamish Bond and Eric Murray first paired up at a World Cup event in Munich in 2009, they have won 69 rowing races from 69 starts – most recently scoring a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

Is their portrayal in the media as ‘chalk and cheese’ accurate, asks Kim Hill?

Eric says it's true that they are "completely different people outside the boat".

“For whatever reason it happened, we’re good friends and we’ve got huge respect for each other, but it’s not like I’d ring up Hamish and say ‘Do you want to go to the pub?’”

Hamish and Eric tell their story (with Scotty Stevenson) in The Kiwi Pair: the Story Behind Our World-beating Rowers.