9 Apr 2016

Ian Tannock: personalised cancer care

From Saturday Morning, 8:30 am on 9 April 2016
Ian Tannock

Ian Tannock. Photo: supplied

This week is Cancer Research Week. As part of the celebrations of 60 years of cancer research there is a free (but now sold-out) public lecture at Auckland University - 'Cancer... this time it's personal'.

Acclaimed Canadian oncologist Dr Ian Tannock will talk about personalised cancer care – how sequencing the genome of a patient's cancer can lead to targeting of an appropriate therapy.

Philipa Tolley spoke with Professor Tannock about what has changed in the time he has been researching the disease, over 40 years.

Dr Ian Tannock is Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Medical Biophysics at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the University of Toronto. He is a major international leader in cancer research.