19 Sep 2015

Hazel Petrie: slavery and Māori

From Saturday Morning, 9:05 am on 19 September 2015
Photo of Hazel Petrie

Hazel Petrie Photo: Supplied

Historian Hazel Petrie's latest book, Outcasts of the Gods?, is an examination of Māori slavery in the 19th century, particularly during the period of the musket wars and inter-tribal battles.

She talks to Kim Hill about what was meant by slavery during that time and how widespread it was.

Hazel Petrie has a doctorate in Māori Studies from the University of Auckland. Her six years’ involvement with the Kimihea te mea ngaro project concerning 19th century Māori newspapers inspired her 2007 book, Chiefs of Industry: Māori Tribal Enterprise in Early Colonial New Zealand.

Her new book is the first history of Māori war captives: Outcasts of the Gods?: the Struggle Over Slavery in Māori New Zealand (Auckland University Press).