16 Aug 2014

Nikolas Rose: resilience, brains and cities

From Saturday Morning, 11:05 am on 16 August 2014

NikolasRoseNikolas Rose is Professor of Sociology at King’s College, London. His current research concerns biological and genetic psychiatry and behavioural neuroscience, and its social, ethical, cultural and legal implications.

He is visiting New Zealand to deliver the keynote address, Making Us Resilient: Responsible Citizens for Uncertain Times, at the Competing Responsibilities conference at Victoria University of Wellington, co-hosted by the University of Auckland (15-17 August). He will also deliver a public lecture in Auckland on the topic of Mental Life in the Metropolis: Urban Brains, Urban Lives and the Embodiment of Urbanicity (20 August).

Nikolas Rose talks to Kim Hill about resilience, brains and cities.