8.10 Climate change from a wild animal's point of view: Adam Welz

Photo: supplied/Bloomsbury

Promising a new kind of environmental journalism, Cape Town-based conservation writer Adam Welz's  book The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown explores climate change from the perspective of wild species and natural ecosystems.

Prefering climate breakdown to climate change, Welz argues its most powerful impacts are felt by the natural world, including that of the northern Maine moose, parrots in Puerto Rico, cheetahs in Namibia, and rare fish in Australia - all struggling to survive.

Photo: supplied/Bloomsbury

9.05 Jordan van den Berg: the renters' Robin Hood

Housing solution advocate Jordan van den Berg received a wave of fury from landlords and real estate agents recently after posting a video suggesting people squat in houses left empty by their owners. The Melbourne-based lawyer, who posts online under the name Purple Pingers, has been dubbed the 'Robin Hood of renters' for his unorthodox solution to the country's housing crisis.

Van den Berg also runs the website Shit Rentals, where tenants can rate undesirable properties and rental agents. And he has even taken aim at Aotearoa's terrible rental offerings on his social media page, pointing to a Riccarton rental that was effectively a shed, priced at $260 a week.

Jordan van den Berg shares a video of a converted Riccarton shed priced for rent at $260 per week.

Jordan van den Berg shares a video of a converted Riccarton shed priced for rent at $260 per week. Photo: Purple Pingers / Screenshot

9.30 Soaring sounds from the Waikato

Photo: supplied/thinkfolk

Rising musical star, soprano Madison Nonoa is this year's recipient of the 'life-changing' $50,000 Dame Malvina Major Award, which will help further develop her operatic career in Europe. The Waikato-born singer has been based in London since 2017, and recently graduated from the prestigious opera course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

The award is bestowed by The Dame Malvina Major Foundation, founded in 1991. Dame Malvina and Madison Nonoa join Susie with some beautiful songs.

Photo: Margot Boock

10.05 India's elections, strongmen leaders and the cost of colonialism: Dr Sashi Tharoor

In a crucial year for India, millions of voters are going to the polls in the mammoth six-week election in the most populous country on earth.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping to secure a rare third term as the poll hits the mid point.

Internationally acclaimed author of twenty-five books, Dr Shashi Tharoor is a third-term Member of Parliament for the Congress and former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Dr Tharoor is appearing in conversation with Linda Clark in 'The Year the World Votes' at the Auckland Writers Festival.

Shashi Tharoor and the cover of his book 'The Struggle for India's Soul'

Photo: Supplied

10.45 The case for living on Mars

Spaceship traveling to Mars, computer illustration. (Photo by SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/SCIENCE PHOT / SKX / Science Photo Library via AFP)


In the race to colonize Mars, millions - if not billions - of dollars have been poured into research by people like Elon Musk to see what would make the planet's environment less hostile for humans.

But why not spend the money improving conditions on Earth instead? What is driving this obsession?

Writer Danyl McLauchlan joins Susie to tackle life's big questions, ideas and thinkers.

11.05 Nazeem Hussain: the totally normal comedian

Following a two-year hiatus, comedian Nazeem Hussain is back on the tour circuit with his new stand-up show Totally Normal. Having cut his teeth in the Melbourne scene in the 1990s, Hussain is one of Australia's biggest comedy stars, with his 2022 YouTube special Hussain in the Membrane racking up millions of views.

Having performed sold-out shows around the globe - including opening for controversial comedian Dave Chappelle in New York City - Hussein is back for two shows in NZ .

Comedian Nazeem Hussain

Comedian Nazeem Hussain Photo: Supplied

11:35 Framing a life: Ans Westra

Over almost sixty years, Dutch-Kiwi photographer Ans Westra took hundreds of thousands of pictures of life in New Zealand. A new illustrated biography Ans Westra - A life in photography interrogates her at times controversial practice.  Ans' daughter Lisa van Hulst and author Dr Paul Moon join Susie.


Books featured on this programme

The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown
By Adam Welz
ISBN 9781399415873
Published by Bloomsbury

Ans Westra - A life in photography
By Dr Paul Moon
ISBN: 9781991016775
Published by Massey University Press




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