8.10 Gregg Carlstrom: Israel-Gaza latest

Photo: The Economist

Egypt has agreed to open the Rafah crossing to allow trucks carrying aid into Gaza, in a conflict that is escalating two weeks on.

Gregg Carlstrom is a Middle East correspondent for The Economist, based in Dubai. He has covered the region for over ten years. His reporting and analysis on the Middle East has been published in Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic and Politico. His first book was How Long Will Israel Survive: The Threat From Within.

10/15/2023 Gaza, Palestine. People walking amidst the destruction of houses and streets in Khan Yunis, located in the southern Gaza Strip, amid the devastation caused by Israeli airstrikes. (Photo by Mohamed Zaanoun / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP)

People walking amidst the destruction of houses and streets in Khan Yunis, located in the southern Gaza Strip. Photo: MOHAMED ZAANOUN / AFP

8.25 Climate activist and actor Fehinti Balogun

Accomplished british actor and climate activist Fehinti Balogun isn't angry about climate change. He's furious.

The Dune and I May Destroy You actor has presented at the UN COP26 climate summit, the Scottish Parliament, Cambridge University, and the YouTube Creator Summit.

He's making a digital appearance at the Nelson Arts Festival this weekend with Can I Live?, an hour long spoken word and hiphop show exploring environmental activism.

Photo: David Hewitt

8.55 Rugby with Rarere

Nathan Rarere smiling

Photo: RNZ / Jeff McEwan

The All Blacks are playing Argentina for a place in the Rugby World Cup final.

After beating Ireland in a nail-biting quarterfinal, NZ is expected to beat Argentina to play either England or the Springboks in next weekend's final.

RNZ Rugby commentator Nathan Rarere joins from his living room in Te Atatu.

9.05 Paul Lynch on his Booker shortlisted novel Prophet Song

Irish novelist Paul Lynch's latest book Prophet Song was shortlisted last month for this year's Booker Prize.

The novel is set is a dystopian version of Dublin, after an unspecified crisis has tipped the government towards tyranny, and society towards collapse.

Lynch's other novels are Beyond the Sea, Grace, The Black Snow and Red Sky in Morning. 

composite of Paul Lynch and the cover of his book Prophet Song

Paul Lynch Photo: supplied


9.35 Simon Tisdall: Israel-Gaza going global?

Photo: The Guardian

Could the Israel-Gaza war ignite a wider conflict, between the US and Iran?

In his latest writing for The Guardian, foreign affairs commentator Simon Tisdall explains why this is a possibility.

10/07/2023 Tehran, Iran. Iranian pro-government supporters celebrate the Hamas attack on Israel by waving the Palestinian flag in Palestine Square in Tehran.
Hundreds of pro-government Iranians demonstrated in Palestine Square in Tehran to show their support for Hamas and the Palestinian resistance. Hamas militants launched a coordinated assault, involving air, land, and sea elements, into Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023. (Photo by Hossein Beris / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP)

Iranian pro-government supporters celebrate the Hamas attack on Israel by waving the Palestinian flag in Palestine Square in Tehran. Photo: HOSSEIN BERIS / AFP


10.05 Kate Mulgrew: where no woman has gone before

Before her Emmy nominated role as flawed but lovable Galina 'Red' Reznikov in Orange is the New Black actor Kate Mulgrew was perhaps best known for playing Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, the first female captain for the franchise.

As a member of the SAG-AFTRA actors' union, Mulgrew is currently on strike, but is in Auckland this weekend appearing at pop culture convention Armageddon.

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew Photo: supplied

10.40 Danyl McLauchlan: the rise of Bronze Age Pervert 

Danyl Mclauchlan

Danyl McLauchlan Photo: supplied

Writer Danyl McLauchlan joins Kim to tackle life's big questions, ideas and thinkers.

This week he looks at Bronze Age Pervert (BAP), an until-recently anonymous internet personality and influential far-right thinker.

BAP's writing and commentary is an intentionally slippery and absurd mix of memes and inside jokes about homophobia, bodybuilding and ancient Greece.

Behind the clownish facade however is a philosophically sophisticated argument for fascism which has alarmed mainstream conservatives.


11.05 Lisa Simone: celebrating my mother Nina

Lisa Simone

Lisa Simone Photo:

Emmy award-winning singer and composer Lisa Simone is touring Australia with a tribute show to her legendary singer-songwriter and pianist mother Nina Simone with her tour 'Keeper Of The Flame' A Daughters Tribute to Dr. Nina Simone.

While carrying a torch to Nina's repertoire, Lisa has endeavoured to come to terms with her notoriously difficult mother.

Lisa released her first solo album All is Well in 2013, and co-produced the 2016 Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary about her mother's life, What Happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone

Nina Simone Photo: courtesy ; Jeff Lieberman


11.40  Toby Manhire: Election aftermath


A week on from the General Election, editor-at-large at the Spinoff Toby Manhire reflects on lessons learned during the times of previous National and Labour opposition, with cautionary tales for Labour now "the tide has gone out."

Toby Manhire is host of the Gone By Lunchtime podcast. He's a former editor of the Guardian’s comment pages, and edited the books Wikileaks- Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy, The Arab Spring: Rebellion, Revolution and a New World Order and The Spinoff Book.

The Beehive

Photo: RNZ


Books featured on the show

Prophet Song
by Paul Lynch
Published by Oneworld
ISBN  9780861546862

Bronze Age Mindset 
by Bronze Age Pervert
ISBN 978 1983090448

Tom Lake
by Ann Patchett
ISBN 9781526664280

Old God's Time: A Novel
Book by Sebastian Barry
ISBN 9780571332786


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