Guest details for Saturday Morning 24 November 2012


8:15 Kalle Lasn

Kalle Lasn is the founder and editor of Adbusters magazine, which has popularised the Occupy movement, TV Turnoff Week, and Buy Nothing Day (24 November). He is the author of the new book Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neo-Classical Economics (Penguin, ISBN: 9781846146985).


8:35 Margaret Brimble

Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble is Chair of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Chemical Sciences and the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Auckland, and a Principal Investigator at the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery. This week she was awarded the Rutherford Medal, the highest award of the Royal Society of New Zealand, for her world-leading contributions to the synthesis of bioactive natural products; the MacDiarmid Medal for outstanding scientific research with the potential for application to human benefit; and the Hector Medal for outstanding work in chemical sciences by a researcher in New Zealand.


9:05 Shirley and Roger Horrocks

Shirley Horrocks is one of New Zealand’s leading directors and producers of documentaries, and has been managing director of Point of View Productions since she created the company in 1984. Her husband, Roger, is a screenwriter and author, and has been involved in the growth of the New Zealand film and television industries since the 1970s. He was founder and Head of the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies at Auckland University, and retains the position of Emeritus Professor since his retirement in 2004. The latest Point of View documentary is Venus – a Quest, made to coincide with the Transit of Venus this year, and narrated by the Horrocks’ son, Dylan.


10:05 Sylvie Simmons

Sylvie Simmons has been writing about popular music since the 1970s for all major international music magazines, and has written biographies of Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Cash and Neil Young. Her new biography, I’m Your Man: the Life of Leonard Cohen (Jonathan Cape, ISBN: 978-0-224-09064-3), draws on the private archives of the poet and songwriter.


11:05 Robert Thirkell

Robert Thirkell is an award-winning British television producer. Since leaving the BBC in 2003 he has specialised in helping broadcasters and production companies, in the UK and abroad, to create documentary formats, oversee new brands, and sort out problem series, as a creative consultant, series editor, and troubleshooter, He is a guest speaker at the 20th anniversary SPADA (Screen Production and Development Association) Conference in Wellington (22-23 November).


11:45 Children’s Books with Kate De Goldi

Kate De Goldi is the author of a number of books, including the award-winning The 10PM Question; her new young adult novel, with drawings by Gregory O'Brien, is The ACB with Honora Lee (Longacre, ISBN: 978-1-86979-989-2). Kate will discuss:
Nothing, by Janne Teller (Strident Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-905537-32-7);
A Great Cake, by Tina Matthews (Walker Books, ISBN: 978-1-921720-06-2).


Music played during the programme

Eva Cassidy: Take My Breath Away
From the 2012 compilation album: The Best of Eva Cassidy
(Blix Street)
Played at around 9:05

Enrique Morente and Lagarjita Nick: Manhattan (First We Take Manhattan)
From the 1996 album: Omega
(El Europeo)
Played at around 9:55

Leonard Cohen: The Guests
From the 1979 album: Recent Songs
Played at around 10:15

The Webb Sisters: If It Be Your Will
From the 2010 album: Savages
Played at around 10:30

Leonard Cohen: Stories of the Street
From the 1967 album: Songs of Leonard Cohen
Played at around 10:40

Leonard Cohen : Famous Blue Raincoat
From the 1970 album: Songs of Love and Hate
Played at around 10:50

Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah
From the 1994 album: Grace
Played at around 11:05

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Tony Schwartz
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell
Christchurch engineer: Andrew Collins