Guest details for Saturday Morning 3 November 2012


8:15 Victoria Collier

Victoria Collier is the editor of She is the author of this month’s cover story for Harper’s magazine, How to Rig an Election.


8:40 Alice Achan

Alice Achan is the founder of CCF Pader, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the Pader Girls’ Academy, which provides a haven from the war in Northern Uganda for traumatised girls and their babies.


9:05 Stephen McDougall

Stephen McDougall is a founding member of Studio Pacific Architecture, and has worked for over 28 years in New Zealand and England, with projects in those countries and in the Netherlands, France and Uzbekistan. He is an ambassador for the New Zealand Campaign for Wool.


9:45 Trent Mankelow

Trent Mankelow is a director and co-founder of Optimal Usability, and writes and speaks around the world on customer experience, service design, and usability. He helped found the New Zealand chapter of the Usability Professionals’ Association, and served on its international board from 2008 to 2010. He is involved with New Zealand’s participation in World Usability Day on 8 November.


10:05 Barry Gibb

With his younger twin brothers Maurice and Robin, Barry Gibb first performed as the Bee Gees on Australian television in 1963. They enjoyed huge worldwide success as a pop act in the late 1960s and early 70s, and again during the disco era of the late 70s, selling more than 200 million records. Over 2500 artists have recorded their songs. As the only surviving Gibb brother, Barry visits New Zealand next year with his band for the 21st annual Mission Estate Concert, joined by special guests Carole King and the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra..


11:05 Rima Te Wiata

Rima Te Wiata is an actor, musician and singer. She is starring in the Auckland Theatre Company production of the musical Little Shop of Horrors, as the voice of carnivorous plant Audrey II (at Q Theatre, to 2 December).


11:45 Children’s Books with Kate De Goldi

Kate De Goldi is the author of award-winning young adult book The 10PM Question. She has just published a young adult novel, The ACB with Honora Lee (Longacre, ISBN: 978-1-86979-989-2), with drawings by Gregory O'Brien. Kate will discuss three recent young adult novels:
Calling the Gods, by Jack Lasenby (HarperCollins, ISBN: 978-1-86950-948-4);
Red Rocks, by Rachael King (Random House, ISBN: 978-1-86979-914-4);
Friday Brown, by Vikki Wakefield (Text Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-92192-270-1).


Music played during the programme

John McDougall: Soul River
Unreleased 2012 track

Bee Gees: Massachusetts
The 1967 single from the 1969 compilation album: Best of Bee Gees
Played at around 10:05

Bee Gees: New York Mining Disaster 1941
The 1967 single from the 1969 compilation album: Best of Bee Gees
Played at around 10:20

Bee Gees: Nights on Broadway
The 1975 single from the album: Main Course
Played at around 10:30

Bee Gees: You Should Be Dancing
From the 1976 album: Children of the World
Played at around 10:40

Carole King: It Might as Well Rain Until September
The 1962 single from the 2010 compilation album: The Gerry Goffin and Carole King Songbook
Played at around 10:50

Bee Gees: First of May
The 1967 single from the 1969 compilation album: Best of Bee Gees
Played at around 10:55

Lee Wilkof and Ron Taylor: Feed Me
From the original 1982 cast recording: Little Shop of Horrors
Played at around 11:05

The Mountain Goats: Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1
From the 2012 album: Transcendental Youth
Played at around 11:40

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Lianne Smith
Auckland engineer: Ian Gordon