Guest details for Saturday Morning 29 January 2011

8:15 Seif Da'Na

Seif Da'Na is an associate professor of sociology and international studies at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, specialising in the Middle East and North Africa.

8:35 William Hague

British politician William Hague served as Leader of the Conservative Party from June 1997 to September 2001 and is currently the Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State under David Cameron. He is the author of biographies of William Wilberforce and William Pitt the Younger.

9:05 Innes Asher

Professor Innes Asher is Head of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health at the School of Medicine, University of Auckland, and paediatrician at Starship Children's Health. She is the chair of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC), a unique worldwide epidemiological research programme established in 1991 to investigate asthma, rhinitis and eczema in children, which has become the largest worldwide collaborative research project ever undertaken, involving more than 100 countries and nearly 2 million children. The ISAAC 20 Year Symposium was held on 27 January in Auckland. Professor Asher is also the paediatrician/children's health spokesperson for the Child Poverty Action Group.

9:45 Alison Ballance

Biologist, film-maker, writer and broadcaster Alison Ballance has been involved in making 16 wildlife documentaries for the Dunedin-based television production company NHNZ, and is the author of 28 books, the most recent of which is Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction (Craig Potton, ISBN: 978-1-877517-27-3). Alison co-hosts the Radio New Zealand science programme, Our Changing World.

10:05 Playing Favourites with Danny and Florence Mulheron

Danny Mulheron has acted in, written and directed award winning plays for more than twenty years. His work in television includes co-writing, directing and producing the comedy series Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, and directing for the BBC, ITV, and Seven Network Australia. His feature length documentary about his grandfather, The Third Richard, is available on DVD. Danny is the director of a new play, The Motor Camp, based on his original story and scripted by frequent collaborator Dave Armstrong. The world premiere season is now playing at Wellington's Circa Theatre (to 19 February), with a cast that includes Danny's daughter, Florence.

11:05 Karli Thomas

Karli Thomas has been an oceans campaigner with Greenpeace since 2005. She will discuss the worldwide - and local - decline of tuna and other fishing stocks.

11:25 Donald Sturrock

British writer, producer and director Donald Sturrock has made more than 30 documentaries, including biographical features about William Trevor, Robert Graves, Jennifer Johnston and Roald Dahl. Since 1992, he has been the artistic director of the Roald Dahl Foundation, masterminding an ambitious project to create an international library of new orchestral works and operas for children, based on the stories of Roald Dahl. He is the author of the authorised biography, Storyteller: The Life of Roald Dahl (HarperCollins, ISBN: 9780007341184).

Music played during the programme

Playing Favourites with Danny and Florence Mulheron

Richard Greager, accompanied by Bruce Greenfield (piano): In Der Frende
From the forthcoming album: In Der Frende: the Songs of Richard Fuchs
Played at around 10:25

Agnes: Release Me
The 2008 single
Played at around 10:30

Bertolt Brecht: Das Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit des Menschlichen Strebens
(The Song of the Futility of All Human Endeavour)
Played at around 10:40

James Taylor: Fire and Rain
From the 1970 album: Sweet Baby James
(Warner Bros)
Played at around 10:50

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Carol Jones
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell