Summer Selections from Saturday Morning with Kim Hill: 23 January 2009

8:15 Sherman Young (from 2009)

Sherman Young is acting Head of Department of Media, Music and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, where he teaches new media theory and production, with a research focus on the cultural impact of new media technologies. He is a passionate book lover, and author of The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book (UNSW Press, ISBN: 9780868408040).

9:05 Joyce Fleming (from 2009)

Joyce Fleming is the national vice-president of Free Beaches New Zealand (Inc.). She tells her life story in her unpublished book, The Truth About Tony and Me.

9:40 Sister Loyola Galvin (from 2008)

Sister Loyola Galvin from the Home of Compassion in the Wellington suburb of Island Bay was named national NZ Gardener of the Year 2008 by NZ Gardener magazine. She set up a community garden that rents vegetable plots to apartment dwellers.

Music played on the programme

Michael Jackson: Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Favorite Club Mix)
The 12' remix from 1995

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra: Africa
From the 2009 EP: The Dreaming