Summer Selections from Saturday Morning with Kim Hill: 2 January 2009

8:15 Bill Culbert (from 2009)

Bill Culbert is one of New Zealand's most celebrated artists, best known for his photographs and light sculptures. For the past forty years he has been based in London and Provence, France, but returns regularly to New Zealand. In August 2009 he installed a new work at the Sarjeant Gallery in Whanganui, his Flat Out exhibition opened at the Sue Crockford Gallery in Auckland, and two of his works featured in the exhibition AC/DC: The Art of Power at Auckland's Gus Fisher Gallery. He was also the subject of Ian Wedde's book, Bill Culbert: Making Light Work (Auckland University Press, ISBN: 9781869404390).

9:05 Barnaby and Dick Weir (2009)

Barnaby Weir fronts Wellington band The Black Seeds, and is the prime mover behind the Fly My Pretties project, which returned to New Zealand stages in 2009, after successful events in 2004 and 2006. The multimedia event involves a wide-ranging selection of songwriters and instrumentalists in performances, filmed and recorded for album release. In 2009, the musicians were joined on stage by Barnaby's father, broadcaster and storyteller Dick Weir, who has spent the last 44 years telling children's stories. Dick was the creator and presenter of Radio New Zealand's award-winning show, EARS, and has been awarded the Queen's Service Medal for his Services to Children's Broadcasting. For the Fly My Pretties performances, Dick narrated an original story written by Barnaby and himself.

Music played on the programme

Damian Lazarus: It's Raining Today
From the 2009 album: Smoke the Monster Out
(Get Physical Music)

Elvis Presley: Blue Suede Shoes
The 1956 single

Wild Bill Rickets: Coconut Tree
From the 2009 album: John Dryden
(Arch Hill)

The Back Seats: Old Nasty
(Unreleased track)

Samuel Flynn Scott and the B.O.P: Black Mark
From the 2008 album: Straight Answer Machine

Mara TK: Pa Kuha E
From the 2009 album: Fly My Pretties - A Story