Guest details for Saturday Morning 25 April 2009

8:15 Scott Horton

Scott Horton is a law professor and writer on legal and national security affairs for Harper's Magazine and The American Lawyer, among other publications. He writes the No Comment column on the Harper's website, and also contributes to The Daily Beast.

8:40 Deborah Challinor

Writer and historian Deborah Challinor has been researching New Zealand's involvement in the Vietnam War since the late 1970s. She is the author of the Children of War historical romance series, and her eighth novel, Isle of Tears (HarperCollins, ISBN: 9781869506339), recently topped the sales chart for New Zealand fiction. Her 1998 non-fiction book, Grey Ghosts: New Zealand Vietnam Vets Talk About Their War (HarperCollins, ISBN 978-1-86950-771-8), has just been republished in an updated edition.

9:05 Paul McGeough

Paul McGeough is the former executive editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. He has twice been named Australian Journalist of the Year. His new book is Kill Khalid: Mossad's Failed Hit and the Rise of Hamas (Allen & Unwin, ISBN: 978-1-74175-600-5).

10:05 Playing Favourites with Gary Taylor

Dr Gary Taylor is George Matthew Edgar Professor and directs the History of Text Technologies programme at Florida State University. He is the General Editor of the Oxford editions of Shakespeare's Complete Works (1986, 2005) and of the Collected Works of "our other Shakespeare", Thomas Middleton (2008), and has written many books, including Reinventing Shakespeare (1989) and Castration: an Abbreviated History of Western Manhood (2000). He is visiting Auckland as the Dr Alice Griffin Shakespearean Fellow for 2009, to deliver a public lecture, The Man who Made Shakespeare, about the playwright's publisher, Edward Blount (6:30pm, Thursday 30 April, Old Government House, University of Auckland). Dr Taylor's creative reconstruction of the lost Shakespeare play, Cardenio, will receive a world premiere performance in Wellington (from 19-23 May, at Victoria University's Studio 77), as part of the Totally Shakespeare NZ09 Compleate Works festival. He will also deliver a free public lecture on Cardenio, on 22 May in Wellington (5:30pm, Maclaurin Lecture Theatre 101) and will contribute to the Cardenio Colloquium from 22-24 May.

11:15 Alex Hedley and Robin Kay

Alex Hedley is a New Zealand writer and editor based in the United Kingdom, who has been pursuing filmmaking ventures in the Middle East and North Africa. With freelance historian Megan Hutching, he is the author of Fernleaf Cairo (HarperCollins, ISBN: 978-1-86950-755-8), telling the story of Maadi Camp in Egypt, home to 76,000 New Zealanders - including Alex's grandfather - during the Second World War.

Wellington artist Robin Kay was stationed at Maadi Camp from 1940 to 1944 as a soldier and archivist with the NZ Division. He has been a member of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts for 70 years, and received the Insignia of a Companion of the NZ Order of Merit in April 2008, for services to art and military history. His works are included in the Archives NZ Collection.

11:45 Kate's Klassic

Kate Camp will discuss the 1831 novel Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) by Victor Hugo (Penguin Classics, ISBN: 9780140443530).

Music played on the programme

Sam Baker: Baseball
From the 2004 album: Mercy
Played at around 8:40

Bob Dylan: It's All Good
From the 2009 album: Together Through Life
Played at around 9:05

Playing Favourites with Gary Taylor

London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn: Montagues and Capulets, from Romeo and Juliet
From the 1995 compilation: The Best Classical Album in the World Ever
Played at around 10:20

Musicians of the Globe: Take O Take, These Lips Away
From the 1997 album; Shakespeare's Musick
Played at around 10:30

Arakne Mediterranea: Pizzica de Core
From the 2002 album: The Legend of the Italian Tarantella
(ARC Music)
Played at around 10:45

Jefferson Airplane: Triad
From the 1968 album: Crown of Creation
Played at around 10:58

Fred Astaire: Cheek to Cheek (from Top Hat)
The 1935 track from the 2006 compilation: The Essential Collection
Played at around 11:40

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Carol Jones