Guest details for Saturday Morning, 11 October 2008

8:12 David Blume

Ecologist and farmer David Blume is the executive director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture. His 1983 book based on his controversial television series, has just been republished: Alcohol can be a Gas! Fuelling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century (International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, ISBN: 978-0979043772). David Blume is a keynote speaker at Ecoshow NZ 2008 in Taupo from 10 to 12 October.

8:30 Karl Maddaford

Former New Zealand Army captain Karl Maddaford worked with the United Nations in Afghanistan for four years in various roles, including security for elections and cantoning heavy weapons off warlords and the Taliban. He is currently in charge of a project for a private Afghan company to build police check points on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9:05 Alan Lightman

Physicist, essayist, novelist (Einstein's Dreams), humanitarian and educator Alan Lightman is Adjunct Professor of Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As the 2008 Hood Fellow at the University of Auckland, he will deliver three public lectures: The Physicist As Novelist, at the Science and the Humanities symposium for which he is keynote speaker (5:00-7:00pm, 15 October), Cambodia: Helping to Rebuild a Country After Genocide (6:30pm, 16 October), and The Discoveries (6:00pm, 17 October).

9:40 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach has been involved in education for over 20 years as a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, and digital learning consultant. She is the owner and founder of 21st Century Collaborative, LLC, a digital learning consulting business. She co-founded the Powerful Learning Practice Network re-envision learning cultures and communities for teachers and schools, and co-founded the K12Online Conference, a free, annual online global gathering of educators. Sheryl delivered a keynote speech at the uLearn conference in Christchurch (8-10 October).

10:05 Jackson Browne

Californian musician Jackson Browne has been making personal and political music since the 1972 release of his first, self-titled album. An advocate for social and environmental justice, he was the fourth recipient of the John Steinbeck Award, given to artists whose works exemplify the environmental and social values that were essential to the California-born author, and was granted an honorary Doctorate of Music in 2004 by Occidental College in Los Angeles, for "a remarkable musical career that has successfully combined an intensely personal artistry with a broader vision of social justice". Jackson Browne is currently on a world tour in support of his thirteenth studio album, Time The Conqueror, which features his first new material in six years and is released on his independent label, Inside Recordings. The tour will bring him and his band to New Zealand for one concert in Auckland on 25 February 2009.

10:40 Pauline Grogan

Former nun, educationalist and disability advocate Pauline Grogan told the story of her triumph over apparently insurmountable odds in her autobiography, Beyond the Veil (Penguin, ISBN: 0140261273), and the story of James Lynch in A View from Within (Pauline Grogan Enterprises, ISBN: 0476002117). Now a motivational speaker, and marriage and funeral celebrant, she is touring her solo performance, 500 Letters, around New Zealand.

11:05 Food with Tony Astle

Tony Astle is the chef and owner of Auckland restaurant Antoine's. To celebrate the restaurant's 35th anniversary, he is releasing a collection of clippings, memorabilia and recipes, Antoine's Friends, Food and Wine (Random House, ISBN: 978-1-8679-054-7), with all royalties from sales going to youth charity Project K.

11:40 Children's Books with Kate De Goldi

Kate De Goldi continues her discussion about the influence of children's books editor Ursula Nordstrom. This week she looks at the work of Maurice Sendak, from his early collaborations in the 1960s as illustrator for authors such as Ruth Krauss, Charlotte Zolotow and Janice May Udry, to his later solo books (including Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, Outside Over There, and Very Far Away). Other books under discussion may include titles by Ruth Krauss (A Hole is to Dig, The Carrot Seed, A Very Special House, Bears, I Want To Paint My Bathroom Blue, I'll Be You and You Be Me, The Growing Story), Charlotte Zolotow (Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present, The Hating Book, I Like To Be Little, Someone New, When the Wind Stops), and Janice May Udry (The Moon Jumpers, Emily's Autumn) - not all of them illustrated by Sendak. Kate De Goldi's new novel, The 10pm Question (Longacre, ISBN: 9781877460203) has just been published.

Music played on the programme

Jackson Browne: Take It Easy
From the 2005 live album: Solo Acoustic Vol. 1
(Inside Recordings)
Played at around 8:30am

Jackson Browne: Running On Empty
From the 1977 album: Running On Empty
Played at around 10:05am

Jackson Browne: Off Of Wonderland
From the 2008 album: Time the Conqueror
(Inside Recordings)
Played at around 10:35am

Natacha Atlas & the Mazeeka Ensemble: Beny Ou Benak Eih
From the 2008 album: Ana Hina
(World Village)
Played at around 11:35am

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Chris Adams
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell